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The will to it and the sinister dexterity were alike wanting. To deal in double meanings and insinuations of any sort sale quite foreign to his nature. As to his enforced enlistment, that he seemed to take pretty much as he was wont to take any vicissitude of weather. Like the animals, though no philosopher, he was, without broken toilet flange it, practically a fatalist. And, it may be, that he rather liked this adventurous turn in his affairs, which promised an used into novel scenes and martial excitements. Aboard the Indomitable our merchant-sailor was forthwith rated as an able-seaman and assigned to the starboard watch of the fore-top. He was soon at home in the service, not at all disliked for his unpretentious good looks and a sort of genial happy-go-lucky air. No merrier man in his mess in marked contrast to certain other individuals included like himself among the impressed portion of the ships company; for these when not actively employed were sometimes, and more particularly in the last dog-watch when the drawing near of twilight induced revery, apt to fall into a saddish mood which in some partook surviving a heroin overdose sullenness. But they were not dvd's young as our foretopman, sale no few of them must have known a hearth of some sort; others may anime had wives and children left, sale probably, in uncertain circumstances, and hardly any but must have had acknowledged kith and kin, while for Billy, as will shortly be seen, his entire family was practically invested in himself.
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